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Careers in Graphic Arts - start with Art School Classes

One of the best ways to prepare for a career as a graphic arts professional can start at an accredited, four-year art school.

Many visual arts schools offer concentrations in the areas of photography, illustration, painting, sculpture and graphic arts. Major universities will offer undergraduate degree programs and sometimes a graduate degree program as well. The typical degree earned is a bachelor of arts or a bachelor in fine arts.

Ambitious students still too young for college courses can also enroll in art classes offered at a local campus. These classes are often offered for kids at the high school level as well as younger.

Although most college curriculum are similar, there will be some differences when you consider different schools. Some schools weigh heavily on studio time and individual creative projects while others will also include many courses in history and theory. The specific type of curriculum that would best for you depends upon your interests and the type of career you see yourself heading towards. For example, future art teachers may want to have been exposed to as much theory and history as possible during their college years.

Successful, mature artists come to understand that being an artist isn't only about the art. A successful professional artist will also understand that they are a self-employed individual who needs to know not only how to use their talent, but also how to promote themselves and their business as well as perform all of the often menial tasks required of being in business.

Formal education and career training can help aspiring artists reach their goals and realize their artistic potential. Careers are usually hard work and can be loaded with potential career-ending obstacles, but education and training and help assist a talented artist complete their career goals.

Art students who honestly don't see themselves as a working artist in their later years can often find great careers in fields such as graphic design. There is plenty of opportunity for talented artists. Large companies have marketing departments where they are always on the lookout for talented designers. Ad agencies and media companies also like hiring hard-working, productive creative people. And all of these companies want to hire employees who have a four-year degree from a top school.

One last (but major) benefit of enrolling in an art school is that you get to meet and become friends with other aspiring artists during their young, developing years. This group of artists may become valuable contacts that will help you throughout your life in both artistic inspiration and career prospecting. The skills, techniques and contacts that you acquire while attending school may well determine your future career.


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