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Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), also known within the state as Eastern, is a state university in Portales and Roosevelt County, New Mexico. It is the most recently founded state university in New Mexico (firstly legislated in 1927, and opened in 1934).

This school has an enrollment of around 6,000 students with about 80% being undergraduate and 20% being graduate students. The diverse student body is consisted of students from almost each of the states and 17 countries. Eastern New Mexico University emphasizes liberal learning, freedom of inquiry, cultural diversity and whole student life.

Eastern New Mexico University is nationally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The New Mexico legislature approved the construction and staffing of a normal school in eastern New Mexico in 1927, and approved appropriation for construction in 1929, but the Great Depression hindered the school's opening, which was delayed until 1934 (construction had begun in 1931). From 1934 to 1940, the institution, first named Eastern New Mexico Junior College (ENMJC) operated as a community college.

In 1940, the third and fourth years of college were first offered, allowing for bachelor's degrees, and the institution was renamed Eastern New Mexico College. As a four-year college in 1946-47, ENMC was accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The Board of Regents approved the change of the institution's name to Eastern New Mexico University Graduate work leading to the master's degree in some departments was added in 1949, and April 5, 1949.

Eastern has over 60 associates, bachelors and master's degrees. The study programs range from Biochemistry, Accounting, Computer Science and Criminal Justice to Geology, Digital Filmmaking, Religous Studies and Music Education. The programs are divided into several schools and colleges:

- College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
- College of Education and Technology
- College of Fine Arts
- College of Business
- Graduate School

A major must be declared by a student before or by the time they have completed 45 semester hours. Graduate students must declare a major by the end of the first semester of enrollment.

Eastern New Mexico University promotes success, they have several student activities and events. There is always something extra to do for everyone in ENMU.

Eastern New Mexico University's main campus is located in Portales on the extreme eastern border of New Mexico. The main campus consists of 344 acres. ENMU owns its own public TV and radio stations called KENW (TV) and KENW-FM respectively. Both of the stations are are housed and operated on the main campus.

The ENMU Ruidoso Campus is a two-year college or community college, one of 18 in New Mexico. It is also an official Branch of ENMU. Students who have studied Undergraduate and Graduate programs at the ENMU Ruidoso Campus have their credits available for transfer towards an undergraduate or graduate degree at ENMU-Portales and other undergraduate or graduate institutions in the United States.

ENMU-Ruidoso offers Certificates of Completion, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts, and Associate of Applied Science degrees. Other programs the offer include community education classes, customized training workshops, and adult basic education courses.

The ENMU Roswell Campus is also a two- year college, and it offers a wide variety of programs. This branch of Eastern New Mexico University was established in the fall of 1958. The institution consists of 12 buildings on 241 acres since the spring of 1967.

Several special housing programs for the students are offered. Commuter housing options are available for nontraditional students that are in town only for a few days each week. The Commuter Program helps students who need part-time housing. The program provides temporary housing available for two four nights per week for a reasonable price.

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