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University of Colorado Denver

-- The merging of the University of Colorado at Denver and UCHSC formed the University of Colorado Denver in 2004.

-- This University is a top notch pubic research university providing opportunities to students from various backgrounds to enhance their career.

-- This university offers a range of degree programs from undergraduates to doctorate levels in its 13 prominent schools and colleges.

-- There is over 130 degree programs offered to students by this school.

-- It is the only school for dental education in Colorado.

-- The first liver transplant took place here at the School of Medicine.

-- There is a provision for 82,000 dental visits each year by the School of Dental Medicine.

-- In fall 2014, about 18,000 students enrolled in both the campuses of University of Colorado Denver. About 14,000 in the Denver campus, along with 4,000 students in the Anschutz Medical Campus.

-- 57 percent of the total students are pursuing their undergraduate degrees while the remaining 43 percent are pursuing their graduate programs.

-- The average class size is of 27 students with the student to faculty ratio being 17:1.

-- The university has awarded 4,648 degrees till date, 1,948 undergraduate and the remaining 2,700 graduate degrees.

-- This university provides classes through their two campuses, and by their various online programs.

-- Students come from various parts of the globe. There are students from 66 countries and 48 different states studying in University of Colorado Denver.

-- 47 percent of students in the Denver campus are from Colorado.

-- UCD serves more than 32,000 students in a year.

-- The university is equipped with 2 libraries, one library for each campus. The library consists of more than a million books, around 130,000 e-books and several e-journals.

-- There are number of special events in the university which are scheduled throughout the year.

-- UCD is known for awarding the maximum number of graduate degrees than any other university in the state.

-- It has been found that 34 percent of the undergraduates in Colorado are pursuing their degree through UCD.

-- The university holds a high placement in the US News & World Report 2013 ranking for the best graduate schools.

-- The School of Medicine is also known for the creation of the first vaccine against shingles. It also used human cell cloning to understand and treat cancer and genetics.

-- The JP Morgan centre for commodities is known for its comprehensive research in energy, agriculture and mineral commodities.

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